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Although Catalonia has one of the most abundant and varied larders in Spain the one thing that is doesn’t produce is cured Iberico ham. The whole of the region is too humid to be able to cure large ham legs properly and the Teruel region of Aragon is the nearest place that produces them. In the south of Spain however, they are endemic and the whole of Spain, and now most of the rest of the world, can enjoy the fruits of their labour.
As cured ham is not actually categorised as meat it is something that Spanish vegetarians can eat without any ethical dilemmas. This regularly exasperates Northern European meat abstainers when they find long slices of lard in their vegetarian salad. This uniquely Iberian description of items is noticeable in their food and their politics. Last time I was in Barcelona a friend treated me to an entire discourse of the rights and wrongs of being a Catalan or Basque nationalista as opposed to independentista. My observation that only a country where vegetarians eat ham could differentiate between such synonyms was met with disdain and I was only forgiven on production of an acceptable bottle of Priorat.
If you wish to convert your vegetarian friends or share with the omnivores the delights of Iberian ham a small group of artisan producers from Trevelez in the Alpujarras mountains in Granada have come up with a novel idea. You could be the proud Godparent to one of their hams and watch its progress from mere pig leg to the magnificent jamon that all the food writing clichés in the world have failed to adequately describe.

Photo from Abuxarra hams in Trevelez

At the moment Jamones de Abuxarra have the hams that will be ready for Dec 2011 covered in salt. They will take them out on June 10th which is the deadline for adoption applications.
To apply e-mail with your request. You’ll be given a number (you can even request a name) and your adopted ham will wear its ID number/name throughout the rest of the curing process. Jamones de Abuxarra will then photograph and video your ham, so that by Dec 2011 when you and your ham will finally meet you have a great respect and understanding of your adopted leg and it will feel like an old friend has come in to your house.
Please adopt one of these hams. It is good to remember that a ham is not just for a restaurant. It’s also for Christmas.
Jamones Abuxarra can be contacted on

N.B. I have just been informed by Jamones Abuxarra that to adopt a ham is FREE – you can buy it once it is ready if you want.


11 responses to “Adopt a ham

  1. I should like to adopt a ham, but sadly, as I am unlikely to be able to claim government benefits to support my ham in the style to which it will have become accustomed, I must resist and regretfully allow it to go to a better home.

    How much is one, anyways?

  2. curlywurlyfi

    Classic, Kavey!

  3. What an interesting post! Lots of info Will pop over and view the hammy orphans now Thanks 🙂

  4. hmmm – an interesting idea. And would be brilliant to blog about! What are the cost implications?!

  5. Ay Kavey that a pure wee shame.
    Merlotti Jamones Abuxarra told me it was free to adopt the ham. You can buy one later if you want to.

  6. Oooh in which case it’s quite tempting. Even though it would be hard to see my beloved ham go to another when it came to that time when I had to part with the readies and didn’t have enough!

  7. Dear all, I would like to thank you from the heart for all the support and writing you have been sending to me for the past days. On Friday 11th we will put the video of your godsons in utube and I will then keep you informed.
    Take care. Trevelez

  8. What an interesting post about a novel idea! I did sponsor a tortoise at Colchester Zoo – fortunately I didn’t have to eat it at the end of the year…

  9. Trevelez, I hope you get a lot of adoptive godparents for the hams
    Brett ,now if it had ben a turtle eating it might have been a good option.

  10. Love mountain ham and have visited Trevelez twice, so this idea is doubly appealing. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention – found it via Twitter … Social Media comes to ham in the mountains.
    I’ve written to apply and hope my credentials will be accepted. Very, very tempted to make the journey to collect it in December 2011.